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Generate extra income for your school or college

We do all the work


At zero cost to your school





The educational lettings specialists

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School Circle is a social enterprise programme with a unique approach to increasing community use of school premises.


If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of managed educational lettings, our mission is simple:


We make it easy for you to rent out your school facilities when they’re not being used – during the evening, at weekends and throughout the school holidays - and achieve increased revenue for your school.

When you sign up with School Circle, we’ll look after the entire school lettings process. As well as promoting your facilities to the local community, we’ll handle all enquiries and administration, find suitable clients, vet them and before every booking, a member of our local team will open the venue and prepare the facilities. 

Increase School Revenue

Improve Community Links

Dependable Service

We Work in Partnership With You


Service and income guarantee - we contractually guarantee to increase the revenue generated from school lettings.

No binding contracts – our agreement can be dissolved at any time if we fail to deliver the service expected.


How we help you generate income

We offer a completely free of charge educational lettings service. From start to finish, we will take care of everything, so you can focus on the everyday responsibilities in your school.


Based in Bristol, our dedicated team will handle all of the admin associated with hiring your facilities, including bookings, invoicing and dealing with customer enquiries.

Our fully trained ground staff will be onsite to open and close the building, respond to customer questions and ensure the facilities are left ready for the next days teaching.


All bookings will be seamlessly integrated around school requirements, so that the core purpose of the school is uninterrupted.


No Extra Work for Your School

At School Circle we provide a complete lettings programme for schools and colleges when it comes to optimising community use of your facilities during evenings, weekends and school holidays.


We help schools generate more income by hiring out their facilities to local groups, individuals and organisations.

We offer a full lettings’ solution to schools who are new to lettings as well as those who already have an existing lettings programme.

Strengthen The Community Bond

By hiring out your premises, you are creating a new opportunity from which to build links with the local community.


This will have a positive effect on community awareness, initiate or improve local residence engagement and bolster student intake.

This all helps to create a school that is part of a community that extends outside of the school gates.

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