How will you manage safeguarding?

All staff receive safeguarding training and hold a DBS check. Before the use of any facilities all clients must agree to and sign our safeguarding contract and conditions of use policy.

Will our school be secure and what about site safety?

All our staff on site will have a mobile lone working device that adheres to BS8484. Before the school is made available for lettings a location security strategy will be created to ensure your school is secure at all times.

How much does it cost a school to work with School Circle?

The simple answer is nothing. Generated income will be shared, ensuring there are no costs involved to the school when working with us. We will cover all the costs associated with community use of your school, including any damage caused.

What about insurance?

School Circle is fully insured for all letting activity with our partnership schools. All clients who hire out the facilities will be required to demonstrate the appropriate level of public liability cover before any bookings are accepted.

What if we require the school facilities for our own events such as parents' evenings and school productions, even if it's short notice?

No problem. Our schools always come first. Our lettings policy ensures that there will never be an occasion when you are unable to access your own facilities. The lettings are simply re-scheduled.

Will our facilities be respected and be ready for teaching the next day?

Our staff will be on-site for all bookings and it is their job to check the area after use and return it ready for the next day’s teaching. We will monitor how our clients respect the facilities and any misuse will result in cancellation of further bookings.

What if we already hire our facilities?

We will contractually guarantee to increase the revenue generated from lettings. If we feel we cannot guarantee this promise, we will be honest with you from the start.