School Circle - Award winning start to life

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

School Circle - Award winning start to life
School Circle - Award winning start to life

School Circle are thrilled to announce we have been successful in our application for the ‘Do It’ awards with UnLtd! This is a massive boost for the company and UnLtd’s funding and support will really help us to scale up our social impact.

UnLtd finds, funds and supports social entrepreneurs with solutions that change our society for the better. The specialist support that Unltd will provide School Circle with, at the start of our social entrepreneur journey, will be of huge benefit and help us grow as social leaders in our field. 

As well as offering a solution that allows schools to generate extra income, School Circle is committed to building social capital by providing spaces where people connect with each other and build relationships. We want to allow schools to make the most of their facilities and help provide local communities with increased options to engage and access sport, education and leisure opportunities at an affordable cost. There is strong evidence, according to the charity MIND, that relationships are a major factor in promoting wellbeing. By opening schools, a place people often feel comfortable and familiar, we will create spaces where social connection and social capital can be built upon and prosper.

This award is about far more than just the funding. It has given us as a company reinvigorated confidence and belief through external affirmation. It shows someone else believes you’re on the right track and has the confidence in you to put your ideas into action.

The financial funding will really accelerate the growth of School Circle, but UnLtd’s support represents much more than that and we are thrilled to be on board with a company who play a big role to play in tackling some of the monumental challenges we face today. This support will allow us to keep working towards developing resilient communities and building access to employment, two of our core social objectives.

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